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High Peak Radio/Ashbourne Radio


96.7 MHz - Ashbourne

106.4 MHz - Buxton

103.3 MHz - Buxton

106.6 MHz - Buxton

106.4 MHz - Buxton

103.3 MHz - Buxton

101.8 MHz - Uttoxeter

101.8 MHz - Wirksworth

On Air From: 04-04-2004

to: 03-04-2028

Licensee: High Peak Radio Limited

Contact Details:

Paul Jenner

High Peak Radio Limited

The Studios

Smithbrook Close



SK23 0QD

Telephone: 01298 813144

Website: www.highpeakradio.co.uk

Email: info@ashbourneradio.co.uk

Group: Independent

Licence Number: AL100969BA/1

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Last Updated : 17/05/2019 06:00:24 hrs

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