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Short-term and extended duration RSLs currently on air

Silverstone Circuit

87.7 FM - Silverstone, Northamptonshire

Season of Race commentary and interviews. Along with traffic updates.

On Air From: 14-02-2019

to : 30-11-2019

General Enquiries: 01327 320246

General Enquiries (email): ajay.kumar@silverstone.co.uk

Licence Number: SRSL102774BA/1

Knockhill FM

87.7 FM - Dunfermline

Race commentary broadcast

On Air From: 07-04-2019

to : 08-12-2019

General Enquiries: 01383723337

General Enquiries (email): davidc@knockhill.co.uk

Licence Number: SRSL102804BA/1

Radio Thruxton

87.7 FM - Andover

Thruxton race events broadcast

On Air From: 18-05-2019

to : 22-09-2019

General Enquiries: 01264 774 921

General Enquiries (email): pat@thruxtonracing.co.uk

Licence Number: SRSL102806BA/1

Brands FM

87.7 FM - Kent

Motor events season broadcast

On Air From: 06-04-2019

to : 04-11-2019

General Enquiries: 01280 735050

General Enquiries (email): hello@giggabox.co.uk

Licence Number: SRSL102817BA/1

Nitro FM

96.2 FM - Wellingborough, Northants

Season of Drag racing commentary and site entertainment via PA relay

On Air From: 06-04-2019

to : 26-10-2019

General Enquiries: 07973 262910

General Enquiries (email): julian.parsons@ampaudiosolutions.co.uk

Licence Number: SRSL102818BA/1

Donington FM

87.7 FM - Donington, Derby

2019 Season - Race commentary

On Air From: 27-04-2019

to : 06-10-2019

General Enquiries: 0203 3710590

General Enquiries (email): hello@giggabox.co.uk

Licence Number: SRSL102816BA/1

IBSA Convention London ExCel (English language)

87.9 FM - London ExCel, E16

Annual Jehovah's Witness Convention broadcast

On Air From: 15-08-2019

to : 25-08-2019

General Enquiries: 020 8906 2211

General Enquiries (email): lsarkar@j.w.org

Licence Number: SRSL102948BA/1

IBSA Convention London ExCel (Foreign Language)

101.8 FM - London ExCel, E16

Annual Jehovah's Witness Convention broadcast

On Air From: 15-08-2019

to : 25-08-2019

General Enquiries: 020 8906 2211

General Enquiries (email): lsarkar@j.w.org

Licence Number: SRSL102956BA/1

Steam Fair FM

87.9 FM - Tarrant Hinton, Dorset

Coverage of The Great Dorset Steam Fair, providing show information, interviews, weather, traffic and music.

On Air From: 18-08-2019

to : 27-08-2019

General Enquiries: 07774434039

General Enquiries (email): eventradio@gmx.co.uk

Licence Number: SRSL102980BA/1

1 Sound FM

87.7 FM - Lincoln

On Air From: 22-08-2019

to : 27-08-2019

General Enquiries: 01522542166

General Enquiries (email): jason@groundlevel.org.uk

Licence Number: SRSL102984BA/1

The Baggies

102.7 FM - West Bromwich

West Bromwich Albion FC home games commentary 2019/20 season

On Air From: 26-07-2019

to : 31-05-2020

General Enquiries: 07710 821215

General Enquiries (email): martin.swain@wbafc.co.uk

Licence Number: SRSL102994BA/1

Radio Asia Leeds

87.9 FM - Leeds

Hajj and Pakistan / India Independence Day broadcast

On Air From: 09-08-2019

to : 05-09-2019

General Enquiries:

General Enquiries (email): imykkay@gmail.com

Licence Number: SRSL102981BA/2

Radio Hajj

87.7 FM - Bradford

Muslims from all over the world come to perform the pilgrimage in the holy city of Mecca. The pilgrimage ends on the 9th and 10th of this of the month of Dhul Hijjah. Eid is celebrated after the pilgrimage is complete in this blessed month.

This service will broadcast an event which explains the preparations for going to the Pilgrimage to Mecca. This will be a practical Hajj seminar covering all aspects of Hajj and Umrah. This event will take place on the 1st of Dhul Hijjah.

On the 24th of Dhul Hijjah an event to commemorate the martyrdom of Uthman who was one of the most important figures in Islamic history. He was also the son in law of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and one of the four Caliphs. This event includes speeches by various different Islamic scholars who will talk about the life of Uthman and his characteristics, his contribution to Islam and his martyrdom.

On Air From: 07-08-2019

to : 03-09-2019

General Enquiries: 07545 629 969

General Enquiries (email): Hshahid1234@yahoo.com

Licence Number: SRSL103011BA/1

Revised:22/8/2019 06:25:21

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