Responses to Phase 1Computer

The Phase 1 consultation closed on 22 June 2004. Responses to Phase 1 of the Telecoms Review are available to read here.

Further information

If you have any questions about the issues raised in this consultation, or need advice on the appropriate form of response, please contact Dougal Scott on 020 7783 4305. This consultation is the responsibility of Alex Blowers, Director of Policy Development at Ofcom, who is project director of the Telecoms Review.


Ofcom believes it is important for everyone interested in an issue to see the views expressed by other consultation respondents. We would therefore usually publish all responses on our website as soon as practicable after the consultation period has ended.

All comments will be treated as non-confidential unless you identify that part or all of your response is confidential and should not be disclosed. Ideally, anything you prefer to be confidential should be placed in a separate annex, so that non-confidential parts may be published along with your identity.

The consultation response cover sheet includes a number of options for the confidentiality of your response, and we would be grateful if you would complete it.

Please also note that copyright in responses will be regarded as relinquished unless specifically retained.